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Types Of Online Courses

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We are all very well aware of what online courses are and how these courses benefit the teachers and the students. Online curses emerged and gained popularity when the online system of education was in effect. This type of course was important not only for the students to learn at their convenience but also to ensure that during the tough times of a pandemic, learning and teaching schedules did not become a problem for anyone. Along with this, online courses also offered teaching and learning opportunities to the people who were not connected with the online system formally but were willing to be involved in these activities.

There are many reasons why teachers sell online courses from your own website and students take up these courses online. There are also different purposes of every online course that exists on the internet. In this article, we will be talking about different types of online courses that you can create or take up using different platforms. We will discuss how the various types of online courses can be used and which types of subjects you can learn using online courses.

Before we look at the types of online courses, let us take a look at the salient features of online courses. This will help us understand more about the types of online courses. The following are the most common features of online courses:

  • Online courses are created by teachers and all other professionals around the world and sold across a large number of platforms online.
  • These courses are based on pre-recorded videos that are a major part of the course content.
  • These courses are flexible as neither the teachers nor the students are supposed to be present online at a specific time. Everyone can involve with the course when it is convenient for them. They can also re-watch videos and access their course material whenever it is possible for them.
  • Online courses allow the students to explore beyond their syllabus and textbooks and offer new learning opportunities to people who are not connected with an educational institution or formally enrolled in one.
  • You can access online courses from anywhere. Teaching and learning on the go are possible due to these courses available online.
  • Many top universities around the world offer courses that are most sought after and this benefits the students who are unable to join these programs due to any reasons and also allows them to continue with other tasks as they learn from the best in the world.
  • If as a teacher or course creator, you are worried about how to sell courses online, then there are multiple platforms and just a few easy steps to follow for creating and launching an online course.
  • Online courses became an excellent source of additional income for teachers and other professionals during the pandemic.

Now that we have briefly looked at online courses and their features, let us move on and understand the types of online courses. We will also look at some of the modes and methods that are used by these different types of courses online.

Online courses for subjects that are taught in school and college

Before the pandemic and the online system of education being in effect, students attended tuition classes regularly for additional help with their subjects for scoring better. Over the last two years, tuition and coaching also started being conducted online. And with time, online courses were taken up by most students to substitute for tuition lessons. Many students find this useful even now as they save time and resources when they do not have to travel for their classes.

Online courses for competitive exam preparation

Joining coaching centres for preparing for competitive exams and entrance exams has been very common among the students in our country. This includes preparation for government exams, entrance exams to the top universities and exams for studying abroad. You can easily find online courses for all these exams and prepare from home at your convenience.

Online courses for skill development

Many school and college students take up online courses just so they can develop the skills that are required for higher education, any interviews or any exams that they are preparing for. Many college students take up skill development courses online for their job interviews as well.

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