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What Does It Feel Like to Shop Online?

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You must have had the experience of having four tabs open, different websites on each, and sales on everything.  Every item looks better than the last so of course all you want to do is add to the cart. Confirm online payment. Purchase order and track order till it arrives.

If every online shopaholic were honest, we would all admit to the above. The word sale or discount is enough to get us into a frenzy and end up purchasing items we won’t end up using, why? Well, “it might be useful at some point”.

Online shopping is the best and worst thing ever to come our way. While the shopping experience is a mere few clicks away and can be done in the comfort of pajamas and a sofa, waiting to see what your order ends up as is rather stressful. Here are 5 confessions a frequent online shopper experiences through her shopping spree.

Available in all sizes except yours apparently

Browsing endlessly to find the perfect item just to see it not available in your size is equally bad as heartbreak. How will you ever find something to replace it? However, there is always a solution. Come back once they’ve restocked, just keep scrolling till you find something cuter, or just log into lay buy and find what you love there. The online store is full of options from various stores with easy shipping and delivery.

Delivery takes forever or so it feels like

Waiting for something is just as bad right? Time slows down when you have to wait for your package to arrive. Delivery days vary from different stores and their policies but it can be quite disappointing having to wait an additional day to wear your new purchases especially when you know which occasion it is for. But we suggest you hold on to your patience a little Before you know it, you are sipping a cosmopolitan sporting the new addition to your wardrobe.

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Things you missed

The biggest disadvantage of online stores is the fact that you tend to miss out on certain details. Either the clothing item has a design we dislike or delivery has an additional charge for an unnecessary reason. However, there are always ways to overcome these catches. Make sure you view all angles of the clothing items or accessories before purchasing. Just like physically shopping, being smart does come in handy when purchasing online.

Which buy is the best?

The wide variety can be overwhelming or simply engaging to some. Discovering the best offers on the cutest clothes is an experience in itself. It is satisfying when you have made a good purchase. Always browse through for deals and offers to maximize your buy.

It’s finally here!!

The sheer thrill of opening your package is pure joy is it not? The way a child reacts to tearing open their birthday gifts doesn’t change with age. If you’ve purchased more than one item the experience is greater.

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