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What to say “Felices Fiestas”

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What to say “Felices Fiestas”

Felices Fiestas was born from the Latin word felicitere, meaning to be happy or content.

The expression “Feliz Navidad” is derived of the Spanish word that means “happy,” which is an interpretation from the Latin word that means Christmas. The phrase was first used in 1330 in a work on the importance of good love composed by Juan Ruiz.

felices fiestas

One hundred years of United States

It began as an advertisement from the Philadelphia Inquirer, which promoted toys for children. In time, the phrase became a popular catchy expression for all holidays. It’s now a standard method of wishing people a happy holiday , and has it has spread across the Spanish-speaking world. However, it’s not just the Spanish language’s word.

Sincethe origin of felices fiestas originates in the 1863 Philadelphia Inquirer ad for children’s Christmas gifts. It’s a well-known celebration in many regions of the world.

Because, it’s an amalgamation from the Latin word meaning “happy” in Latin, and “christmas” that means “Christmas” that is Spanish. The use of it within the US has been extended across all languages across within the US and the rest of Latin American nations.

It is a well-known method to encourage people living in the US to express gratitude and can be a fantastic present to spread the holiday spirit to other people.

Felices Fiestas in Spanish

The expression “felices” is an amalgamation from the Spanish word that means “happy” along with the Latin word that means “Christmas” and was first mentioned in the 10th century Old English, as “cristesmaesse”.

Since then, its use in the US began with one 1863 Philadelphia Inquirer ad for a Christmas-themed product. The trend has spread to every kind of media. Its usage in Spanish-speaking countries is a part of English since the mid-19th century.

The expression Felices Fiestas is an amalgamation with”christmas,” the Latin term “christmas” along with the Spanish word meaning “happy” that first was printed around the 10th century.

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