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What you need to know about eligibility for a Singapore employment pass

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Are you wondering whether you are eligible for a Singapore employment pass? This article will cover the Requirements for a Singapore employment pass, as well as requirements for applicants with little or no formal education. We will also examine the processing time and your employer’s role in determining your eligibility.

Requirements for a Singapore employment pass

To apply for a Singapore employment pass, an applicant must have an offer from an employer who sponsors them. All documents must be in English or in an official translation. The applicant must also fill in a medical examination form and a declaration form. The rules for obtaining an Employment Pass in Singapore are quite straightforward. A minimum salary of SGD 4,500 per month is required to be eligible. The applicant must also hold an acceptable degree or be a professional association member.

The application can be submitted to the MOM electronically. If you cannot get approval, the employer can appeal your application. However, applicants must address any issues raised in the rejection letter. The Ministry of Manpower typically takes 6 weeks to process an appeal. While meeting the minimum requirements increases the chance of approval, the entire application must be approved. After all, you should not expect a quick approval.

A dependent’s pass (DP) is available for an EP holder and can be obtained separately or as part of the EP application. The DP allows a spouse and child to work in Singapore with the EP holder. However, you must pay a monthly salary of S$12,000 or more. While an Employment Pass can be renewed for up to 36 months, it cannot be extended to cover the duration of a spouse’s stay.

Applicants should complete an application online to get an Employment Pass in principle approval letter. Upon receiving an approval letter, the employer can also apply to bring family members to Singapore. The application can be filed at the same time or after the Employment Pass is issued. However, the EP will not be issued immediately after you receive it. You can check your application status online by using the link below. The documents you submit should be in English.

Requirements for applicants with little or no formal education

Applicants without formal education can apply through their employers if they have a job offer in Singapore. However, employers need to have a proven track record with an excellent employer reputation, a high paid-up capital, a high level of tax contribution, and a commendable job profile with an appropriate salary and strategic in-demand skills. However, applicants with no formal education or little educational background should remember that they can still apply for the Employment Pass.

Besides formal education, an applicant with little experience should have a professional employment history, and strong professional employment history can make up for a lack of good education. Furthermore, the job that the applicant wants to work in Singapore should be related to their previous experience. The minimum salary requirement is 3,600 SGD for fresh graduates from reputable educational institutions, and older applicants must command a higher salary to be eligible.

Processing time

If you have already applied for a job in Singapore, you might wonder how long the processing time for an Employment Pass in Singapore will be. This process is generally completed within three weeks, although it may take longer if you submit your application manually. You should expect to receive updates from MOM via email or SMS once you have submitted your application. Once you receive an approval letter, you have six months to bring the employee to Singapore.

In addition to an employment pass, the EP process can take significant time. For the employment-pass application to be approved, foreign professionals must have an acceptable professional qualification, such as a good university degree or specialized skills. You may also check one-visa.com to learn more about this.

Once the documents are received, the Employment-Pass application will be lodged in the EPOL system. Then, the applicant will receive a letter indicating approval. The employment pass letter is an official approval notification, allowing the individual to begin working in Singapore. The employment pass is valid for six months and is not valid immediately. 

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