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Why Are Cover Letters Important for Teachers?

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A cover letter is an introduction to your resume, and it comes after the job title and contact information. It’s one of the most important parts of a simple application for teaching job because it provides an opportunity to tell a school administration what makes you a unique teacher candidate. While a résumé lists your skills and experience, a cover letter allows you to show off your personality—which makes you memorable! Here are 5 Reasons why you should always include a cover letter for teaching job:

A Cover Letter Provides The First Impression.

A cover letter is a chance to make a first impression, and by expressing your enthusiasm for teaching and showing how excited you are about the school you’re applying to teach at, you can create an impression that makes school managers want to learn more about what it would be like to work with you.

A Cover Letter Introduces You To The School.

A cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself and present your teaching qualifications in a way that the school’s HR will remember. It should be written in a relaxed tone as if you are talking directly to the hiring manager.

The goal is not to sound formal or stiff—instead, your cover letter must show off your personality and enthusiasm for the job by going beyond just listing what you can do. A simple application for teaching job with a good cover letter can also help a potential employer understand why you are interested in a particular position.

When writing yours (cover letter for teaching job), think about what kind of role would fit best with your skill set and experience level (or whatever else makes sense for this particular position). If there’s any extra information about what drew you to apply for the teaching job, include it!

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A Cover Letter Is A Chance To Show Your Personality.

As you read a cover letter, you’re looking for someone with a personality. You want to know that the person who wrote it is not just another cog in the machine of your school but someone who will add something unique and exciting to the environment. A cover letter for teaching job is an excellent opportunity to show your personality, which can be done in several ways:

  • Writing style: Are you funny? Do you have opinions? Do you use references from pop culture or books?
  • Word choice: Are you using big words or simple language? Do your sentences make sense together? Are there typos or grammatical mistakes that indicate sloppy writing habits (or even worse)?
  • Examples used: Does this person seem like he/she has had at least some meaningful life experiences beyond schoolwork and gaining employment experience?

A Cover Letter Shows You’re Serious About The Job.

A cover letter shows you’re serious about the job. When you’re applying for a job, it’s not just sending your resume; it’s also sending a clear message that you are seriously interested in pursuing this position.

Your cover letter should show how the school and its mission align with your skills, talents and goals. Your cover letter should show how the school and its mission align with your skills, talents and goals.

The cover letter for teaching job shouldn’t be longer than one page; if it is, cut out some of the excess information. Be sure to include any specific examples of how you’ve helped students learn in a positive way; this will help illustrate how you’re able to teach effectively.

Tips For Building A Cover Letter For Teaching Job

The best cover letters are concise and focused on painting a picture of why you’re an excellent fit for the job at hand—and that means starting with a summary paragraph (or two). Here’s what to do:

  • Introduce yourself first. You can start with something like, “I am writing in response to your advertisement for [job title].”
  • Explain why this role is right for you. You can offer bullet points or paragraphs explaining how your relevant experience aligns with the job description, why you’re interested in this role specifically, or anything else that makes sense, given the circumstances. Be sure to address any criteria listed in their advertisement!
  • Conclude by reiterating how great of a match this would be for both parties involved—you’ll enjoy working with them, and they’ll benefit from having someone like you on board!


Writing a cover letter for teaching job is a great way to show your personality, and it can even help you stand out from other applicants. While it’s important to research the company before sending in your resume, writing a cover letter that speaks specifically about what’s written on their website will show them that you’re serious about this job opportunity. Remember: having good content and writing skills are only part of what makes up an effective cover letter; knowing how to format your document so that it looks professional is just as important!

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