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Why pool cue material matters?

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In this post, we will know Why pool cue material matters? It matters to hit shots precisely and with accuracy.

When you are choosing a pool stick, the sort of fabric it’s made out of is a very important decision.

There are two main varieties of materials cues are made out of: graphite and wood.

Each has its own set of pros and cons.

Here, we’ll take a glance at the professional and cons of every kind of material so you’ll make the simplest decision for you.

What is graphite pool cue?

A graphite cue stick may be a form of cue that’s made out of graphite. Graphite could be a material that’s very strong and sturdy, making it a perfect material to be used in pool cues.

These pool cues are typically costlier than other styles of cues, but they provide variety of advantages that make them definitely worth the investment.

Graphite pool cues are much lighter than traditional wood cues, making them easier to handle and maneuver.

This can be an enormous advantage for players who are attempting to execute complex shots.

In addition, graphite cues tend to own better balance and feel than wood cues, providing a smoother and more consistent stroke.

What is wood pool cue?

So, the question, is wood pool cue better than any other must be answered. A wood cue could be a variety of cue utilized in the sport of pool. it’s made up of wood, typically maple, and includes a brass ferrule and joint. The wood sports implement is usually stained or painted to match the player’s choice of color.

Graphite cue vs wood: 5 Differences

There are many reasons why people might make a choice from a graphite cue and a wood one. Here are five key differences:

1. Weight: Graphite cues are typically much lighter than wood ones, which may make them easier to handle. this could be a vital consideration for those that don’t seem to be as strong or who have smaller hands.

2. Appearance: Graphite cues often have a more modern look, while wood cues can have a more traditional appearance. this can be a matter of private preference, of course.

3. Durability: Graphite may be a tougher material than wood, so it’s generally less likely to chip or break. this could be a crucial factor if you intend on using your cue frequently.

4. Cost: Graphite cues are generally dearer than wood cues. this can be largely thanks to the actual fact that graphite may be a costlier material to supply.

5. Sound: Graphite cues tend to form a louder, sharper sound when hitting balls than wood cues. this could or might not be important to you, counting on your preferences.

Why pool cue material matters?

When it involves graphite pool cues vs wood, there are some key differences you ought to bear in mind of. Here are 5 things to know:

1. Graphite could be a much lighter material than wood, which makes it easier to handle. this will be especially important if you’ve got plenty of shots to form during a game.

2. Graphite is additionally less plagued by humidity and other climatic conditions, which implies your cue will stay straighter longer.

3. Graphite is more durable than wood, meaning it can take more abuse without being damaged.

4. Graphite is a smaller amount likely to warp over time, while wood can become bent or misshapen if not properly taken care of.

5. Graphite cues also tend to own a smoother, faster stroke than wood cues. this will make them better for players who want more speed and power behind their shots.


So, which one must you buy? Ultimately, the choice comes right down to personal preference.

Some people swear by the texture of a wood cue. While others find graphite cues more responsive and easier to manage.

If you’re still undecided, stop by your local pool hall and arouse a demo. That’s the simplest thanks to see which kind of cue feels better in your hand.

At the tip of the day, both kinds of cues have their pros and cons. So it really depends on what you’re trying to find in an exceedingly pool cue.

Thanks for reading!

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