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Zenitsu – A Demon Slayer Character Analysis

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Being an one of the Seven Great Masters, Zenitsu is an acclaimed swordsman. One of his most impressive skills is the ability to control lightning and thunder.


Apart from being a formidable combatant, Zenitsu is also a skilled musician, and has perfected his art. Zenitsu can play nearly every instrument, and has even played the Saxophone. Additionally, he is able to increase his abilities via his legs and run extremely quickly.

As a man Zenitsu has also been a wannabe femaleizer. If he is upset with Nezuko concerning her sexuality, the latter becomes a bit agitated and shows little courage to defend her dignity. While he is an exceptional combatant, his love of women can make him a risky persona.

In contrast to Tanjiro, zenitsu is a person with superstitions. Although he might have not been a Samurai warrior, his look makes him an popular and beloved character.

The manga’s Zenistu was revealed to possess a impressive hearing. He is capable of recognizing dangers in other settings like brothels. In addition there is a strong attraction to his girlfriend Nezuko. Despite not having a musical background, he is blessed with exceptional hearing.

Zenitsu is a skeptic with a constant the search for females. He always asks girls to marry him, but they don’t want to. But despite this, Zenitsu has a deep admiration for Nezuko and has the courage to take on her.

Zenitsu Love

Despite his extraordinary hearing ability, Zenitsu is a very romantic individual. Zenitsu uses his love for romance to build strength and is usually a domineering character when it comes to girls. When he talks about girls, he is extremely defensive and shows very little courage in order to protect Nezuko. He’s a bad influence on the manga. In a sense it’s the most awful of the characters in the manga yet it is not the end of the world for him as a fighter.

If the demon discovers that his opponent is cowardly, he accuses Zenistu of being cowardly. He also charges Nezuko of being cowardly. As long as the manga has not been released it’s difficult to know the true nature of the characters.

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