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3 changes you should know about IPC 620 standard revision

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Knowing the wiring process is essential if you are into an assembling job. Similarly, you need to know about the rules and guidelines, which are prescribed for the assembling work. Generally, IPC sets the guidelines regarding these wiring works and updates the manuals regarding this. 

Since 2002, IPC has made some updates to the rules and procedures recently. Therefore, you need to purchase IPC 620 standard revision book now to get the latest updates about the wiring process. This updated document will help you to handle the cable harnessing job more accurately. 

In the latest version of this document, two main aspects of the wire harnessing system have been discussed. One is the thermal capacity of the wires and another one is about the vibration that cables generate. Therefore, you will get a clear understanding of both these aspects, which were previously unavailable. 

In the electronics industry, the debate over the use of different items differently is not a new thing. Customers or electricians sometimes use a different method in the wire harnessing process. On the other hand, manufacturers use to follow a distinct method in the wire harnessing process. 

Therefore, IPC has produced a separate document for all the stakeholders of this industry. This document contains all aspects of wire harnessing and other aspects of wirings, which can be followed by all these stakeholders easily. 

But the question is why all manufacturers should or customers follow this standard book? 

Well, first you need to know that the requirement of a standard book is very essential in the electronic industry. Because this standard book would solve the issues and debates among the manufacturers of electronic items, especially wires. 

  • This standard book is approved by the trade associations of the electronic industry.
  • The WHMA (Wiring Harness Manufacturers Association) has jointly prepared these standers along with the IPC. 
  • These standards are prepared with the idea of technological change and adoption.
  • Every 3 years, some of the areas in these standards are getting revised and updated. 

Therefore, all the latest changes in the field of electronics and software have been included in these standards. Hence, you can get a complete idea about the latest changes in this field with the help of these standards. Moreover, all the authorities approved all the standards so you can follow these without hesitation. 

  • Engineering document 

In the modified document of IPC, you can find some specific guidelines about technical things. For instance, you can find many new criteria have been introduced in the document regarding flat ribbons, cut-off tabs, and other aspects. Therefore, you can get more safety while dealing with these wire harnessing processes. 

  • This chapter is newly added to the standard, especially the over-molding section. The standards guide using flexible flat ribbons more cautiously. 
  • Moreover, this update made the document easy to read, especially the technical aspects like over-molding and all. 
  • Besides this special document, solder depression as a new chapter has also been introduced in this updated standard. 
  • Updates about installation 

Sometimes understanding the process of fixing solderless wraps and fittings of threaded fasteners becomes difficult. Hence, the need for a clear version of the text, especially a lucid and comprehensive language was needed. Well, you can find a better version of this standard, which is much easier to understand. 

  • To make sure a lucid understanding of the installation process, this standard has included graphics, wherever applicable. The quality of the content has also been increased so you can get all the information easily. 
  • You can understand the process of joining solder and wire harness in form of pictures. All small details about the installation and application of wires have been covered through the high-quality images in this standard book. 
  • Change in target criteria 

In the latest C revision, you cannot find the “target condition” as the section has been removed. This removal made this update special and counted as a major change in the document. Besides removal, this update has addressed more than 370 documented comments in form of the latest update. 

  • Previously, target conditions were treated as accepted conditions, which can be true in this sense. Though, some new conditions have been introduced so accepted conditions are removed. 
  • The latest updates have covered many testing conditions regarding the process of voltage adjustments. You can also test IR (Insulation Resistance) through this latest testing method. 
  • Labeling these test results is also important for knowing the manufacturing details of wires and cables. All manufacturers are using these methods for testing various levels of IR and other factors. 

Therefore, you need to purchase a copy of these latest updates to ensure proper harnessing of wires. These standards are followed across the globe in all electronic items so you will get different mediums of the copy. You can also purchase the redline copy, which you can use to compare the changes. 

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