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All about the exchange and crypto technology

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The virtual format lets you conduct cryptocurrency purchase and sale transactions quickly and at excellent rates. The blockchain system is thought out so that it will cost an order of magnitude more to penetrate it than the possible benefit from any fraudulent activities. In addition to a high level of privacy protection, the system virtually eliminates even hacking attempts themselves.

WAN Acquisition Methods

Along with Wanchain mining, there are alternative methods for acquiring coins. On letsexchange, you can convert any cryptocurrency on WAN in a few simple steps and hassle-free. This is without providing personal data and is safe.

If you want to receive coins using wan to dollar or other fiat money, you should find Bitcoin on any coin swapper where the function of buying BTC from a card is available. To do this, you will have to go through the registration process.

Monero: what kind of cryptocurrency

In recent years, various cryptographic currencies have appeared in the e-commercial field. This contributed to the growth of those wishing to extract electronic money from a personal computer. However, over time, there was a demand for technologies that would allow you to do this anonymously. This is how the Monero (XMR) cryptocurrency was created, the main advantages of which are security, privacy, and tracking protection.

Technology Description

You can write as much as you like about the fact that this is Monero, but the main thing is to understand the essence of the technology. The peculiarity of cryptocurrency is that it makes transactions using ring signatures. This technology:

  • can “mix” user transactions, thereby depriving third parties of the opportunity to understand who owns the addresses;
  • masks balance using hidden one-time addresses, which are randomly generated and are not tied to a specific person;
  • provides the user with a “spending key” that protects against spending money;
  • provides the user with a “view key” that the user can share with trusted parties;
  • includes access to the transparency setting for income declaration or audit.

About purchase

  1. Choosing an exchange

Before buying the Monero cryptocurrency, you should purchase Bitcoin for ordinary usd to xmr, and then exchange them for the desired cryptographic currency. In some countries, you can use bank cards for this, which are accepted on the cryptocurrency exchanges Coinmama, Coinbase, BitPanda, etc.

2. Register a Monero wallet. At this stage, it is preferable to use the official PC wallet offered by the developers. For security, you can register in the My Monero web wallet, which has a user-friendly interface and does not require installation on a computer. After registration, you should copy the keys to a USB flash drive or another safe place. Paying attention to the payment identification number is necessary, as it is necessary to receive funds in the Monero system.

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