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Events and Activities This Fall in Atlanta

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The dried leaves blow in with the gust of wind over your window, making you fall back into a reverie of memories. Remember those good old days when you went apple-picking or went to those beautiful fall festivals while you lived in Atlanta? As September slowly edges your door, it is that time of the year again when you can enjoy heartily the exciting festivals and events that Atlanta proudly hosts.  


From stepping into the enchanting world of the wild goose escapes to cascading over your fond memories of apple-picking, drive back to Atlanta this year. While fall may bring back your memories of your past days, here are some of the best events and festivals that will lift your spirits and rejuvenate you all over again: 


Atlanta British Car Fayre 


If you are a car and automobile fan and enjoyer, this event is a must on your bucket list! Usually, the Atlanta British Car Fayre takes place in downtown Norcross. Featuring 300+ unique British automobiles and motorcycles, this event also plays host to a “boot sale”!  


Now, if you are wondering what a “boot sale” is, it is much like your usual yard sale. You can come across many vendors in the sale, selling their items from a trunk or even from the “boot” of their cars.  


What makes the Atlanta British Car Fayre an even more warm and fantastic event is the fact that all the proceeds go to the Amanda Riley Foundation. After that, they send the funds to families with children in Atlanta suffering from cancer. So, do not miss out on this event this fall! 

Dragon Con 

It is a festival that usually takes place around the 1st to the 5th of September in downtown Atlanta. There is no better or grand event for sci-fi lovers than Dragon Con!  


Dragon Con is a widespread multimedia and pop culture convention in Atlanta. It brings you all the latest sci-fi and fantastical comics, games, literature, art, music, and even films! You can get the chance to view limitless sci-fi arts from a whole mixture of media. The incredibly talented exhibitors and vendors at Dragon Con make it a must for every sci-fi lover out there! 


The Dragon Con Charity Auction also takes place during the event, and the collected funds are sent as donations to various charities. There are various exciting shows, parades, and exhibits that you will enjoy as you visit this amazing event in Atlanta this year!  

 Gwinett County Fair 

Visiting the Gwinett County Fairgrounds will be a good idea for you this fall. You can then visit the fantastic fair that takes place between the 15th to 25th of September. At the fair, you can spot many exciting rides, even a small petting zoo, several exquisite concerts, and enjoy some great refreshments!  


Especially the ones traveling with their families must pay a visit to the Gwinett County Fair in Atlanta this fall. Your kids will love and enjoy themselves thoroughly!  


You can even check out the beautiful home garden exhibit and classes at the fair. Further, you can even find the exotic Ninja Experience show held on the fairgrounds! So, are you excited to visit the Gwinett County Fair in Atlanta this fall? 

 Atlanta Black Theatre Festival 


The splendid Atlanta Black Theatre Festival usually starts around the end of July and continues till September. You can find this terrific theatre festival in several locations across Atlanta.  


At the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival, one can enjoy one of the best theatrical experiences of their life! Some of the world-renowned plays, immersive panels, and even classic parties take place at this festival.  


The festival highlights and upholds Atlanta’s rich culture and heritage in its shining glory. It is an enriching celebration of art and artists you will surely fall in love with and thoroughly enjoy until the end! 

So, for people who love arts and diverse art forms, there is nothing better than visiting the Atlanta Black Theatre Festival! 


Atlanta Food & Wine Festival 


To satiate the foodie in you, ensure that you drop in at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. This event usually takes place around the 15th to the 18th of September and welcomes food lovers from across its native borders! 


The entire festival is solely engrossed in upholding and glorifying the delight of Southern cuisine. From homemade delicacies to the freshest fusion delights, there is not one Southern delicacy you cannot find here!  


You can even participate in the exciting food and wine tasting functions that the event hosts in its course. You can relish the mouthwateringly delicious aroma and flavors from varied restaurants and chefs in the food and wine tasting. So are you hungry yet to try out the finger-licking delicacies of the South at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival?  


While there are plenty of fun-filled and fantastic things to do in Atlanta this fall, these are our favorite ones. So what are you waiting for? Drive over to Atlanta, discover the enriching culture and relish the excitement of the varied events and festivals lined up for you!  

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