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Four Reasons Taking Photos After a Toledo Car Accident is Important

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Regardless of how clearly you might describe your injuries to an insurance adjuster, judge, or jury, a photograph is still the best way to make an impression. In cases of car accidents in Toledo, photos play an important part in the success of your case. The steps you take following a crash can make a difference in the insurance claims process. While you are still at the accident scene, you should document evidence, if you are physically able to. The following are reasons taking photos after a car accident is essential to your claim:

Your Injuries Heal

Healing takes place slowly. Each day, your wound will look a bit different. Juries and judges must understand the appearance of your injuries while still fresh. This is the reason you must take photos of your visible injuries after the accident.

Photos are persuasive pieces of evidence. The at-fault party won’t be able to argue about the harm they caused you if you have visible injuries you documented through photos.

A Good Photo Has Value

Most personal injury claims are resolved through settlements with insurance companies. But even during the settlement process, photos are quite essential. Insurers are encouraged to settle reasonably when they know your case will prevail at a trial. Strong photographic evidence can lead to favorable outcomes in court, improving your chances of successful settlement negotiation.

Insurance Companies Can Easily Deny Your Claim

Insurance companies will accuse you of exaggerating your injuries. In fact, they might assert that you fabricated your damages. Or they argue that your injuries did not directly result from the car accident. Without photos, they can easily make such types of arguments. However, strong photographic evidence will make it difficult for insurers to dispute your claim.

Photos Help Provide Details

Photographic evidence can give details necessary for your claim such as where the crash took place, how you were injured, how the witnesses respond, and the surrounding conditions. Insurers and investigators will look into these details. Photos will provide them with the concrete information they need. When you take photos after the crash, your claim and recovery may be sped up. Also, photographs might resolve questions regarding who caused the accident.

In addition, date and time stamps on photos can help case investigators verify when these photos were taken at a certain accident. Also, built-in location services may log the accident’s location. So, when you take photos, ensure your camera or phone captures all essential information.

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