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Gojek Clone App in Nigeria: Develop an On-Demand in 1 to 2 weeks

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Are you here to learn how to build a multi-service Gojek Clone App In Nigeria? Dear entrepreneurs, you have come to the right place! In this blog, we will look at two things in particular. Firstly, a list of services available on the application. Secondly, steps to launch the application in your region. Before heading towards the details, take a look at what this app is. It is an application that offers 82+ services of several genres to customers. The service genres are the healthcare industry, transportation, beauty, home cleaning, etc. 

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Multiple Services Available on Gojek Clone App

The on-demand multi-service app In Nigeria offers multiple services to customers. If you still can’t believe that, look at the catalog here: 

1. On-demand delivery services 

Customers can easily order food, medicine, groceries, marijuana, etc., and get it delivered to their doorstep. The order has to be placed on the app, followed by selecting the payment option, and finally, confirming it by tapping on PLACE ORDER. 

2. Taxi booking services

Taxi booking services have made it easy for customers to commute from X to Y locations. In addition, they can add multiple stop-over points after starting the ride. A Gojek Clone app also offers an iWatch taxi booking app if you want to. 

3. Online video consultation services

Customers can consult with doctors, lawyers, tutors, yoga instructors, etc., on a video call. The services make it easy to consult a professional without visiting them physically. Anyone from adults to kids and the elderly can use this application. 

4. Service bidding 

Service bidding is a relatively new service. However, it has turned out to be pretty comfortable and convenient for customers who want to hire handymen like plumbers, carpenters, house painters, etc. 

5. On-demand services 

The on-demand service providers come to the customer’s place to deliver the service. For instance,  a customer has booked haircut and hairstyling services. Now, the hairdresser will come equipped with the customer’s given address, complete the service, and finally, make the payment and input the feedback. 

6. Parcel delivery 

A Gojek Clone App offers parcel delivery services to those who want to send things locally. The customers can choose their preferred cargo vehicle and add their pickup address, drop-off location, and payment option. 

7. Delivery Genie and Runner 

Delivery Genie is the personal shopper, while the Runner is the errand runner! Genie will go around the local market, fetch, purchase, and deliver the items you need. Delivery runner, on the other hand, runs errands for customers such as lunchbox delivery, handing the documents, etc. 

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How to Develop a Gojek Clone In Nigeria?

If you are determined to develop a multi-service app for your business, you shouldn’t wait anymore. Following are the steps you must pursue to create and launch a perfect on-demand multi-service app. 

Step 1: Find a well-established white-labeling firm! 

Find a white-labeling firm that has launched over 1200 pre-built apps. In addition, see that they have at least ten years of experience in the industry. They will be able to offer you commendable services and a final product with peerless quality. 

Step 2: Demo trial 

A Gojek Clone App In Nigeria should be robust and quick. Therefore, to test the app, you must take the demo app trial. Try the app and note the workflow or any customizations that you might want to make. 

Step 3: Discussion about the project 

After the trial, the Project Manager will discuss your project requirements. Tell them about the customizations you want to make and every other query you have. Next, they will prepare the Scope Document containing all the details about the deliverables and clone app script cost! 

Step 4: Develop and review 

After you have purchased the clone app script, it is time to develop the app. The developers will complete the development and upload the apps to the firm’s development server. Entrepreneurs can access the uploaded app and review them thoroughly. 

Step 5: Launch the app on app stores 

Once you review the Gojek Clone and show the green flag to the development team, they will go ahead and submit them on App Stores. A Gojek Clone App In Nigeria  can be launched on iOS and Android platforms. 

In conclusion: 

Now that you know how to launch a Gojek Clone App In Nigeria , why wait? Get in touch with the sales representatives of the white-labeling firm and launch this amazing application in only 1 to 2 weeks! 

Become an entrepreneur and start raking in millions and billions.

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