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How To Mark All Emails As Read In Your Gmail

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It’s pretty normal if you checked your inbox every day to discover dozens or even hundreds of unread emails. Sometimes, however, you don’t receive new messages when they arrive.


To make life easier and to help you get the chance to get back on track to get your email in order, mark your older emails as read, so you can stay up with your latest ones. The good news is Gmail’s advanced search tools simplify this process. This is how you can mark every email as read in Gmail.


Why It’s Useful To Mark Emails As Read In Gmail


It’s often not possible or even desirable to read and open every mail that arrives in your inbox. However, it can be uncomfortable to log into your Gmail account and see that you’ve got 10,576 inbox messages.


The ability to mark emails as read is an excellent method of organizing your email without having to dive through every email.


Dangers Of A Cluttered Inbox


The risk that comes with having so many email messages that are not read is you could be prone to miss more important emails. For instance, you could overlook the potential customer who asked you a question on your colossal pile of emails that have not been read.


It will take lots of time since you’ll need to comb through your email folder. It’s possible that you’ll lose the opportunity If you don’t get back to them promptly.


To prevent this from happening you’ll need a tool such as Right Inbox that can send personal reminders of emails you haven’t responded to. This makes sure that important emails don’t get missed by your eyes.


Furthermore, Right Inbox offers other features such as email reminders and email sequences, sending later personal notes, and merging mail along with email templates.


Marking An Email As Read


To mark an email to read:


Step-1 Make sure you check the box on the left side in the email.

Step-2 Go towards the upper right corner of the screen and then click the Mark as Read icon.

Step-3 You’ll then receive a pop-up message of confirmation that gives you the chance to undo the action.


You Can Mark Your Entire Inbox For Read Gmail


In your Gmail dashboard:


Step-1 Go to the search bar and type the following: Label: inbox is unread, and then press Enter.

Step-2 Click the arrow to the right-hand side of the Select icon, and click All.

Step-3 In the message that appears at near the top, click on Select the conversations that are in line with this search.

Step-4 You’ll receive an alert that confirms that you’ve selected the emails you want to receive.

Step-5 On the very top, choose the Mark as Read icon, and then click OK.

Step-6 Confirm your request by clicking OK on the confirmation pop-up.


It is possible to repeat this procedure in case you have a lot of email messages that you want to flag as read. You are only able to access 50 emails at once.


Marking Emails In Specific Folders As Read


Additionally, you can use the advanced search feature to search for messages in every folder. To search for emails unread in the important folders, enter: Label:Important is: Unread in the search box.


Set Up The “Mark as Read” Filter


It is also possible to set up an account within Gmail which will mark specific emails as read the moment they arrive.


To accomplish this:


Step-1 Go to the search bar, then click the arrow on the right.

Step-2 Input the search criteria for you to find the email(s) you would like to mark as read automatically. This is typically the From field.

Step-3 Click Search

Step-4 Choose Mark as read and then Click Create filter.


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