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How to Sell a Car Quickly and Profitably – To Trade it in Or Sell it Yourself

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Sooner or later, all car owners are faced with the sale of the car. And, of course, many are worried about how to do it better.

Trade-in or selling by yourself – what is better?

How to sell a car fast: cool advice

  1. The main advantage of selling a car yourself is the opportunity to get the most money for it. You can see this in junkyards in Sacramento, for example. But in this case, you will have to yourself place ads on specialized trading platforms. And also track the current market prices of cars that are similar in characteristics (make, model, type of engine and transmission, year of manufacture, mileage, etc.) to the sold car.
  2. In addition, you will have to take calls from potential buyers, as well as choose the time to meet with them and show them the car. And most of them are likely to prove fruitless. At least for the reason that many potential buyers are resellers, trying to knock down the price in every possible way, to earn on resale.
  3. An independent sale of a car implies, that its owner will have to draw up a contract of sale with the buyer himself. But it does not represent serious difficulties – you can find and print out the forms on the Internet, as well as get the necessary explanations and comments.
  4. It is difficult to predict in advance the period during which you will have to sell your car, trying to get adequate compensation for it. A noticeable reduction in price helps speed up the sale. But this is contrary to the original purpose of the independent sale of the car.
  5. Decided to sell a car according to a trade-in scheme, be prepared that the showroom will agree to buy it only for a price lower than the market price. After all, he earns on the subsequent sale of the used cars, including those given in trade-in. Usually, this is the real average market price of such a car, minus the “car dealership interest”: from a few tens to hundreds of thousands of rubles, depending on the car model, its technical condition, and the market situation.
  6. Under the trade-in scheme, the amount offered by the car dealer goes towards the down payment for the new car.
  7. Thus, when selling through a car dealership, its owner seriously loses money. But it saves a lot of time and effort.

How else can you sell a used car?

  • In addition to the independent sale of the car and the trade-in scheme, there are a number of other ways to sell your personal used car. For example, the mechanism of urgent redemption of the car by specialized car dealers or citizens engaged in such business.
  • Except for the high speed of exchange of the vehicle for cash, this way has no advantages. Quickly buying your car will agree only in one case: if you sell it at a price much lower than the current market price. In addition, in the sphere of urgent buying out cars, there are a lot of scammers. And there is a great risk of being left without a car and without money.
  • The price of a used car largely depends on its technical condition. Therefore, when a car is handed over to a trade-in, the expert first inspects the body: and looks for hidden traces of accidents, which car owners prefer not to report. Special equipment is used for this, which determines the thickness of the paint coating.
  • You may try to sell your car via commission sale. It means that the car owner transfers his/her car to a car dealership or a dealer center, which tries to sell it on its behalf. Most often these attempts are reduced to the publication of ads for sale at the same sites, which sell used cars. It saves the car owner the trouble of meeting with potential buyers. But he will get less money from the sale. And he won’t be able to use the car for an indefinite period of time until it is sold.

What should you be wary of when buying a car?

Try to buy a car with an original certificate of registration. A car older than ten years may have a duplicate because during its long life the car changes many owners, but the duplicate of a three-year-old car is a reason to think. Maybe there is nothing criminal about it, but sometimes it is a way to turn a credit card into “non-credit”. A fraudster just declares about the loss of a vehicle license plate and receives a duplicate, though the original is pledged by the bank. You are buying a leased car with a duplicate, which can be taken away from you.

Is it profitable to sell an old car now?

Now, when new cars, followed by used ones, have increased in price by 35-45% over the year, the question of the validity of selling an old car becomes particularly acute. On the one hand, it is profitable. Indeed, today you can sell a used car for the same money for which it was purchased several years ago.

Such a skew is caused by the shortage of new cars on the market, due to which the sellers have significantly raised the prices. And this situation, according to many experts, will last at least until the end of 2022. Or even longer – until the causes of the shortage of cars, namely disruptions in international logistics and the production of automotive electronics, are eliminated.

And yet, how to sell your car quickly and profitably?

The best way to save nerves and money is to subscribe to your favorite magazine.

An adequate amount can only be obtained independently by dealing with the sale of the car – from beginning to end, without entrusting this function to intermediaries. But it will require a lot of personal time and effort.

If you wish to facilitate the process of selling, you may use the services of agency sale, express redemption, or trade-in scheme. It is fast, convenient, not troublesome… But you will have to give a part of the money from the car sale to your assistants. Decide what is more important for you.

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