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Overbite – Zenitus – Weaknesses and Strengths

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When a character has overbite, he has a higher set of upper teeth than the lower ones. If you’re wondering why, this article will help you understand this character. We’ll look at his Weaknesses and Characteristics and how they relate to Jigoro. Also, we’ll look at how he can be dangerous to Jigoro. If you’re interested in learning more about Zenitsu, check out our Characteristics and Strengths article.


One of Zenitus‘ greatest strengths was his innate cowardice, which made him fear demons. Despite this, Zenitsu is determined to live up to his comrades’ trust and fulfill their expectations. To achieve this goal, he often broke his own limits, becoming stronger and more powerful. In the series, Zenitsu learns Total Concentration Breathing – Constant from Tanjiro and Inosuke.

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The strengths of Zenitsu’s martial art are more than his weaknesses. Though he may look like an idiot, his brain is as sharp as his claws and he is able to use his mind to fight. While he has a slow learning speed, he is able to strategize effectively. His greatest strength may have come from the fact that he could solve the puzzle of Kaigaku’s decapitation by simply disconnecting the two heads.

His speed is so incredible that a normal human eye cannot follow his movements. This explains his ability to dodge attacks from stronger opponents and decapitate his victims. The speed only increased as he developed and as he became more powerful. Even Upper Rank demons couldn’t keep up with him. But as he fought the other demons, he was able to change his pessimistic mindset and protect the women he loves.

Zenitsu’s biggest weakness is his inability to fulfill his ambitions. He wants to live up to his comrades and the expectations he had for himself. He aspires to become a great warrior and deserves respect. However, his greatest fear is the thought of dying alone. This fear of death causes him to act cowardly. In addition to this, he is also a coward and is prone to being embarrassed.

In addition to his immense strength, Zenitsu has a tremendous sense of hearing. He has the ability to identify danger in almost inaudible sounds. His extraordinary hearing and strength have led to his many impressive achievements, including defending 3 train cars against the Rank Six Daki. His fighting skills allow him to keep up with even the most dangerous demons, despite his weakened state. There is a limit to his strength, but this does not stop him from achieving his goals.

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Despite Zenitsu’s many weaknesses, his physical strength is unmatched. His years of hellish training have given him a phenomenal amount of strength and durability. Once, he had held Inosuke down in a stance while he fought Tanjiro. The power that he possessed was accumulated in his legs. His incredible leaps can reach unbelievable heights. He can also use Thunder Breathing to kill his opponent.


Zenitsu has an unassuming personality and undergoes a massive change in his childhood when he is placed into the Butterfly mansion. His training under Hashira Shinobu Kocho makes him aloof and fearful of confrontations. His heart is pure and he realizes the value of friendship. But his pessimistic attitude about life changes once he meets the woman he loves, Nezuko Kamado.

Though a coward by nature, Zenitsu fights for friends when necessary. He has shown this ability when saving Nezuko’s box, and has shown it on numerous occasions throughout the series. His ability to protect her is also one of his greatest strengths. Despite his lack of background in music, Zenitsu was able to save her from demon spider poison. He also has a strong innate sense of smell and can recognize scents.

In addition to his excellent hearing and love for music, Zenitsu is extremely intelligent and possesses great listening skills. His amazing ear allows him to play anything once. He is especially good at string instruments. Though he was a shy, uninformed boy, he joined the Demon Slayer Corps for revenge. This persona is a key trait to his success. He adores his “grandpa,” Jigoro Kuwaijima.

Although Zenitsu is a talented martial artist, he is also a wannabe womanizer, who tries to get the girls to marry him. He often tries to make a strong connection with his assistants through flirtatious behavior. His sexuality is often portrayed as sexy and perverted, but he is also a good fighter, and is a refreshing change from the typical man in the manga.

One of the major traits that make Zenitsu stand out among his peers is his low self-esteem. He is very low in confidence and has a low self-esteem, which is partly why he tried to trick himself into thinking Shoichi was a demon while he was a child. Because of this, Zenitsu is always in a state of fear and tries to avoid any possible danger.

Relationship with Jigoro

In “Relationship with Jigoro in Zenituses,” Jigoro adopts the orphaned boy Zenitsu, whose origins are unclear. Jigoro has great respect for both boys, but he was not a grandparent. Some speculate that Jigoro adopted Zenitsu, but he didn’t legally adopt the boy. He simply took him in and looked after him.

Zenitsu’s relationship with Kaigaku is equally complex. His master reprimands him for any disrespect towards his students, while he allows Zenitsu to learn a single move. Jigoro also refuses Tanjirou’s one ambition, and scolds him for disrespecting his master. The result is an ambiguous relationship. However, the relationship between Jigoro and Tanjirou is not bad.

While the two were in debt, Jigoro helped Zenitsu become a better swordsman. The two also trained together in the Thunder Breathing Style. Jigoro emphasized the importance of practice and repetition, comparing it to forging a sword. Zenitsu’s grief for Kaigaku’s death has been portrayed as an act of love and respect for the former. Jigoro was also very supportive of Zenitsu’s abilities.

The original intention of Kaigaku and Zenitsu was to be joint successors of Jigoro and Kaikaku, the two best swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps. In addition, both possess an enhanced sense of hearing. Their hearing is especially useful for detecting demons. Because Demon bodies produce a different tone from humans, they can be detected by Zenitsu’s heightened hearing. The two also have developed musical talents. They were disguised as women in the Entertainment District arc.

When a girl enters the picture, Zenitsu becomes serious. But this seriousness is not appropriate for his line of work. He did well in his first attempt when he finally realized that the butterfly girls were training for a battle. If his mentality was more positive, he would be less afraid of the dangers in his life. This is a fundamental lesson in life and in this case, it is one of the most important aspects of this manga.

Although Zenitsu and Jigoro are not related, their close bond is obvious. Jigoro is Zenitsu’s adoptive father. Their relationship was born out of necessity after Zenitsu was rescued from servitude and grew up. Jigoro and Zenitsu were later reunited in modern Tokyo. Their two descendants – Agatsuma Yoshiteru and Agatsuma Touko – share a common bond and remain friends.

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