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Some Tips for Art Nude Photo Shoots

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The subject of nudity has been popular since ancient times, even before the invention of photography. At all times the beauty of the naked body was admired. Many people specially order photo shoots in the style of nude, to loosen up and get rid of all the shyness. In this genre, a professional and experienced photographer will not have a lack of models. Here we will consider the nude photography of the female body and give you tips from experts to help you get started in the art of nude photography. We also recommend you read a cool article about boudoir plus size photography on the Skylum website, because you’ll have to work with different models.

Photo Shoots

Finding a model

First of all, you need to find a model who is willing to do a nude shoot. If you are lucky, it might be one of your acquaintances, but this rarely happens. The best way is to look for local models on special websites. You will usually be able to find a local model willing to shoot on a TFP (time for prints) basis.

If you go this route, you need to be clear about what is expected of both parties, especially if there is no financial commitment. Experienced models probably won’t agree to work on TFP terms, but if you want to make a good portfolio, it’s worth thinking about making some monetary investment in it. It’s not so much about finding models who like to shoot nudes, as it is about finding the right type of figure for an artistic nude shoot. You need to carefully examine a model’s portfolio before inviting her for a shoot. There is a noticeable difference between models shooting mostly in the glamour and the nude genre.

Choosing a studio for your shoot

You don’t need a huge studio to take good nude photos, but you still need to have enough space to place a couple of light sources and a background and to stand back far enough to shoot the model completely without using a wide-angle lens. A medium-sized living room pretty much meets the minimum requirements. It is also possible to rent one of the local photography studios for the day. Some photography schools also offer a one-day nude photography course and will find a model for you. If you are limited in funds, you can split the cost with one of your colleagues or friends who wish to join you.

Lighting for nude photography

Studio lighting can seem very complicated to the uninitiated, but now that you can view images and histograms on your camera screen, things are much easier. The lighting tips below are a good starting point. Studio lighting is not always necessary. Daylight from a window, ideally facing north, will help make great photos. Even using a regular camera flash can be a good alternative. It is better to use simpler lighting schemes if possible. You don’t want to miss any interesting shots by constantly adjusting the light, do you? Here are a few simple options for the studio:

  • The main light should be slightly above the model. It should be more powerful. The second source is a fill light, so make sure it is a smaller and lower light source. If you have only one light source, use a simple reflector.
  • To create a soft, even light, place two softboxes directly in front of the model. Use two additional sources to illuminate the background so it becomes pure white. To separate the model from the background, use two large black panels on the sides. This will create a slight darkening of the outline.
  • Art nudes should show the beauty of lines, shapes, and curves. To create more depth and sculpture, place softboxes slightly behind the model and rotate them toward the camera. Experiment with the intensity of light from each source. You can work very well with a single light source in this technique, too, for more abstract images.

If the picture is a bit of a mess because of poor lighting, you can always correct the situation with a photo editor. For example, Luminar Neo is equipped with special AI-based tools that create the most realistic three-dimensional lighting.

Black and white photography

Monochrome is often used for art nude photography because the removal of color information encourages focus on lines, shape, and texture. To make it easier on yourself when taking pictures, if you want black-and-white photos, switch your camera to monochrome mode. That way you can avoid the distraction of color and focus your attention on the light.

Tips for posing

As with all genres of photography, good composition is an important element of a good nude photo. The same general rules, such as the rule of thirds, can be applied to art nude photography. This creates a visual sense of harmony in the frame. Look at the beautiful shapes that are created with the nude body and light. Also, don’t be afraid to deviate from the rules when necessary, if it will improve your photography, you don’t need to take the advice as dogma.

Photo Shoots

When you’re framing in the viewfinder, get in the habit of running your gaze around the perimeter of the frame, assessing the overall framing and the pose of the model. The slightest change in angle or camera tilt can make a huge difference in the picture. Don’t be afraid to take a lot of pictures, moving around and changing the shooting point and pose of the model. Don’t be afraid to take a lot of pictures while moving around, changing the point of view and the pose of the model. For more creativity, don’t forget to read the article about boudoir plus-size photography on Skylum’s blog.

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