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A Comprehensive Guide to Patent Betting: Strategies, Advantages, and More

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In the world of sports betting, there are numerous ways to wager your money, from simple single bets to complex accumulators. One of the more intricate and potentially lucrative betting strategies is the Patent Bet. If you’re looking to expand your sports betting horizons and explore new possibilities, this guide will introduce you to the ins and outs of Patent Betting.

What is a Patent Bet?

A Patent Bet is a full-coverage multiple bet that consists of seven bets on three selections. These three selections are typically used in single bets, doubles, and a treble. A Patent Bet, however, goes a step further by also including three separate single bets on each of the three selections. This results in the following seven bets:

Three single bets (Singles) on each selection (A, B, C)

Three double bets (Doubles) on selections (A&B), (A&C), and (B&C)

One treble bet (Treble) on selections (A, B, C)

Essentially, a Patent Bet covers all possible combinations and permutations of these three selections. This means that at least one winning bet is guaranteed as long as one of your selections is correct.

Advantages of Patent Betting

  1. Increased Winning Potential: The most significant advantage of a Patent Bet is that it covers a wide range of potential outcomes. Even if one or two selections don’t pan out, a winning single bet can still provide a return on your investment.
  2. Risk Management: Patent Betting provides a level of risk management by ensuring that you don’t lose all your stake if one selection fails. This strategy can be particularly appealing to those looking for more security in their wagers.
  3. Versatility: Patent Bets can be applied to various sports and events, from football and horse racing to tennis and beyond. It’s a versatile strategy that can be tailored to your preferences.

How to Place a Patent Bet

  1. Selections: Choose three selections you’d like to bet on. These could be three different football teams to win their respective matches or three horses in separate races to finish first.
  2. Visit a Bookmaker: Sign in to your preferred sports betting platform or visit a bookmaker’s shop.
  3. Build Your Bet Slip: Add your chosen selections to your bet slip and select the “Patent” option from the available multiple bet choices.
  4. Stake: Determine your stake for the Patent Bet. The stake will be applied to each of the seven bets, so keep that in mind when deciding your budget.
  5. Confirm Your Bet: Review your bet slip to ensure all details are correct, including your selections and stake. Once you’re satisfied, confirm your bet.

Strategies for Patent Betting

  1. Selection Research: As with any betting strategy, conducting thorough research on your selections is crucial. Know the teams, horses, or players you’re betting on, understand their recent performances, and consider factors like form, injuries, and conditions.
  2. Bankroll Management: Be mindful of your bankroll and set a budget for your betting activities. As Patent Betting involves seven bets, it’s important not to overextend your bankroll.
  3. Diversify Your Selections: When choosing your selections, diversify your picks to increase your chances of success. Avoid placing all your selections in the same category (e.g., all favorites).
  4. Monitor Your Bets: Keep track of your bets and stay updated on the progress of your selections. This will help you make informed decisions if you decide to cash out or let your bets run.


Patent Betting is an intriguing strategy that can be an excellent addition to your sports betting portfolio. It offers risk management, a greater chance of success, and versatility across various sports and events. As with any betting strategy, it’s essential to research your selections, manage your bankroll wisely, and stay informed. So, if you’re looking for a new challenge in the world of sports betting, consider giving Patent Betting a try. Good luck!

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