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History And Evolution Of Bookmakers

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There are more than fifty brands that operate legally in the Nigeria online betting market. The growing popularity of online sport betting Nigeria is undeniable. And it is that Nigeria has always been a country with a long tradition of gambling, but now, thanks to the Internet, fans of this type of practice have multiplied. Currently, there are more than fifty brands that operate legally in the Nigeria online betting market. Some specialized platforms talk about tricks to find out which are the best Nigeria bookmakers, however, any regulated portal is a valid and safe option to bet. Since its inception, sports betting has evolved significantly and currently betting on the Internet is a fairly common alternative.

  • The first bets in Nigeria: La Quiniela
  • sports betting today
  • The figures that move sports betting

The First Bets In Nigeria: La Quiniela

The first lottery draws in Nigeria date from the 18th century, however, the origins of sports betting in the country are usually related to the pool. In Nigeria, the first official pool was held in 1946. However, this game was born a few years before by Manuel González Lavín, coinciding with the first season of the Nigeria League, that is, in 1929. In fact, just three years later, González Lavín would publish a book with the rules of this game.

However, the official pool, which is regulated by the State, sold its first numbers in September 1946. Each ticket was worth two pesetas and contained a total of seven matches. At that time, both the winner and the number of goals from both teams had to be guessed. Of the total collected, only 45% was earmarked for prizes, as 10% was necessary to cover management and distribution expenses and the other 45% was invested in charitable causes.

This is how it all started and, although the pools have undergone many changes and variations since their inception, they are still a very popular game among the Nigeria population.

Sports Betting Today

The sports betting landscape has changed a lot in recent years, especially since Internet gambling was regulated. With this, the betting possibilities have multiplied among fans. Physical gambling venues are now complemented by online sports betting houses.

Currently it is possible to bet on practically any competition or sporting event . In fact, some houses even allow you to make predictions in television contests, such as Eurovision , or in political elections. Likewise, the bets can be simple, combined, live or pre-match, the possibilities are multiple. To all this, we must add that many Internet betting houses allow the viewing of some important matches and events, which is another attraction for the client.

Also, today, all these gaming platforms are adapted to work perfectly on mobile devices as well. All these factors have caused sports betting to skyrocket in Nigeria.

The Figures That Move Sports Betting

The Internet gambling business moves millions of euros every year in Nigeria and it is a market that is constantly growing. According to the Annual Report prepared each year by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling, only during the past 2017, the Gambling Margin of online casinos and bookmakers was 560 million euros. This number indicates a growth of 30% in relation to the previous year.

In total, sports betting accounted for more than 55% of the aforementioned figure. Casino games are in second place, with 30% of the total, followed by poker, bingo and contests, with a much lower percentage. Therefore, it is evident that sports betting tops the list of the Internet gambling market in Nigeria.

Evolution Of Online Betting

Betting has had a lot of changes throughout the years, none more so than the move online. But why? And how does this affect or even benefit you? A little bit of history in betting evolution may go some way in helping you understand our choices throughout this page and our site, but if this doesn’t interest you; then just scroll down to our next section on the best places to bet online.

A few years ago, choosing where to place a bet was simple. You would just walk down your local High St and pick from one of the few bookmakers available. But as with all aspects of High St shopping, online betting soon became king, with some bookmakers slowly removing their betting shops.

As much as it is nice to be able to have your winnings in your hand on the same day as you bet, convenience is essential in today’s society; that’s where betting online excels. With a vast array of payment methods, instant withdrawals are now possible. Some bookmakers also have their own payment options, helping to bridge the gap between shops and online.

Unlike with betting shops, placing a bet in-play and cashing out current bets can be done with touch of a button; which is essential when the outcome of a bet can change in a heartbeat. It’s also easier to see what betting specials are available to you, rather than having to stand at a cold shop front or have to ask staff members.

Making the move to betting online is a blessing and a curse, as much as it is easier there are now many more betting sites for you to choose from; deciding which one can give you a bit of a headache. Luckily though this is where we can help, by offering up what we consider to be the best online betting sites.

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