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Best Insulated Lunch Box for kids who are going Back to School

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Back-to-school season can be an exciting time! The traditional sound of the bell ringing, classroom doors opening and the thrill of a year ahead of learning are welcome indeed – but for parents, it also means added stress and anxiety. Especially, when it comes to packing lunch boxes for kids, parents are often left scrambling for choices to prep healthy, nutritious, and yummy meals for their little ones. While the right meal is important, equally important is choosing the right lunch box to pack it in. Despite whipping up the most scrumptious lunch, you might find it half-eaten or untouched due to poor packing. Sandwiches can get soggy over time, and a hot pot of stew will go cold and bland by the time the bell sounds for lunch. So, what’s the solution? How do you ensure that your meals are served hot and fresh hours after you’ve cooked them? The answer: an insulated lunch box!

What are insulated lunch boxes?

Unlike your regular food containers, these lunch boxes are insulated to prevent loss/exchange of heat/cold. This means, that whatever you store in them, cold or hot food, its temperature is retained for prolonged periods, making it the best choice for packing meals. If you need a hot meal on the go, be it at work, school, or at a picnic, these lunch boxes are your best pick.

Best Back to School Insulated Lunch Boxes for kids.

With kids, packing lunch is a tricky affair. Not only do the meals have to be hot, delicious, and nutritious, but the box itself needs to be eye-catchy to keep your child’s interest. Plus, it also has to be easy to handle and kid-friendly. Thankfully, we’ve got just the options for you that will ensure your lunches never return home unfinished. Take a look at our pick of the best back-to-school insulated lunch boxes for kids:

#1 Eazy Kids 450ML Jumbo Insulated Jar

Sleek, sophisticated, and awesome – the Eazy Kids 450ML Jumbo Insulated Jar is simply perfect to pack your hot meal in! From pasta to rice, the lunch box has substantial capacity to accommodate any meal! It comes with a triple wall stainless steel build and vacuum insulation technology that retains temperature to the maximum extent, ensuring your food remains hot for long hours. Despite the hot inside of the box, the exterior is cool to the touch, making it kid-friendly. With the ability to keep food hot for 5 hours, and cold for 7 hours, this is one of the best boxes to pack your kids’ lunch box. The best part? It comes in two color options; pink and blue, to serve your kid’s preference.

#2 Thermos Funtainer Stainless Steel Lunch Box 290ml

Now, here’s one that’s true to its name! The funtainer is pure fun indeed. It comes in an array of fun and colorful prints that are guaranteed to spike your child’s interest. From cute owls to floral prints, there’s a massive range to choose from. Beyond its looks, these funtainers have a lot more to offer. They come with a double wall vacuum insulation tech that keeps food hot for up to 5 hours. In addition, it’s sweat-proof, which means no dews of perspiration on the outside, making it easy for your kid to hold without any accidents. The wide mouth of the box makes it easy to fill, eat from, and clean, making it one of the best options around.

#3 Simplify 2 tier/3-tier stainless steel insulated boxes

If your kid is a picky eater and needs a combination of foods to go, then this insulated lunch box is for you. The Simplify box is available in 2-tiered and 3-tiered variants, making it easy to pack multiple portions of food, and keeping different items from mixing with each other. Choose from fun round, oblong or square shapes, and give your kid the gift of a wholesome meal every day! It comes with a vacuum seal lid that keeps food from spilling and has an arch handle that makes it easy to carry the box. In addition, it has simple snap locks that make it easy for your kids to open and close at will. The insulated walls and vacuum-sealed lid keep food fresh and warm for a long, making it one of the best options to pack different portions in one box!

#4 OmieBox 250ml Thermos

It’s a whole lot of cute, packed into one box! Yes, the OmieBox Thermos will have you head over heels in love with it! This adorable little box is designed like a suitcase and comes complete with a handle to carry. The best part is that the box is compartmentalized into separate portions, and works well to carry sandwiches, fruits, snacks, hot soups, or everything in one! BPA and Phthalate free, the box is made of food-grade material, which makes it safe for kids. The dual insulation technology further helps in keeping food hot and fresh after hours. One of the most notable features of this box is that it comes with a leakproof thermos insert, that makes it perfect to carry soups, pasta or other hot items. From bright blue to berry pink, the OmieBox also comes in a range of attractive colors that are sure to be a hit with your kids.

#5 Packit Freezable Classic Lunch Box

Moving on to the other end of the temperature spectrum, the PackIt Freezable Classic Lunch Box is the perfect choice to keep foods chilled for a long. Infused with PackIt’s groundbreaking built-in cooling technology, this is one of the first and best freezable lunch boxes around. The kit comes with a lunch bag that has freezable non-toxic gel built into its walls that completely cuts out the need to carry separate ice packs or gel packs to keep food cool, making it an ideal pick to carry healthy food options such as dairy, juices, salads, etc that would otherwise spoil in other boxes.

The lunch box itself is collapsible, making it easy to empty, collapse and freeze overnight. Free of Phthalates, lead, PVC and BPA, the material is completely safe and kid-friendly. The bag comes with a wide zipper opening and a handle that makes it easy to carry, wherever your little one goes! On top of that, it comes in a range of fun and quirky prints, that your kid is bound to love.

Foils, wraps, messy sandwich bags, and ill-fitted containers are a thing of the past! Treat your kids to a healthy, wholesome, and nutritious meal every day by investing in an insulated lunch box today.

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