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Cheap And Affordable Storage In Rogers AR

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If you live in the United States, more specifically in Arkansas, and have a lot of items that cannot be stored in your home or are running out of space, I have the perfect place for you to store your items. You might all be familiar with this, which is a storage unit. There is perfect and inexpensive storage in Rogers AR that will only be suitable for you due to their large variety of storage units and at all prices that you desire.

Storage units

This company is called Rogers Storage, and they have a large collection of storage units, trailers, and if you are looking for movable storage, then you can try out their RV storage. This storage unit which you want is an outdoor storage unit, but it is fully secured and enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about your precious belongings. As you go there and enter the storage, you will get instant access, and they even give free locks whose key you will carry so that all your belongings are safe.

 Rogers Storage


Drive-up Access

Located in a very suitable and well-connected place in Rogers, Arkansas, people from Oklahoma and Missouri can even enjoy their service as it lies on the border which is shared by Oklahoma and Missouri. You just have to put your things in a truck and drive to Beavers Lake, and you will find storage in Rogers AR.

 Customer service

This should be the prime focus of every business, and Rogers Storage kept this fact in mind, and they give premium class customer service. Before you put all your belongings in the unit, or whatever you choose, they will thoroughly clean it and the cheerful and friendly employees will help you to get your things into the storage. You can call them at any time and get an update on your inquiry.

 Digital video surveillance

The storage unit is fully secured with the help of digital video surveillance which is connected to the internet. You can be anywhere around the world and with access to the internet, you can check the storage anytime and see all your stuff. Even though the premises are fully secured with CCTV cameras and a guard constantly watches the movement within the premise, no one can enter and exit without being watched. This is there to give you relief from all your worries, as we know you keep your precious belongings in a storage unit.

 Payment of bills online

If you don’t live near storage in Rogers AR and you have rented out storage, for example, you have rented out movable storage like an RV and you need it for more than a month. Now the month has completed and you have to pay the rent again, but you can’t just drive up to a different town just to pay a bill, so you don’t have to go. Pay the bill from where you are standing right now with the help of internet banking and other online bill payment options. Rogers Storage allows you to pay your bills online at your convenience. If you find any difficulty regarding the methods of payment, you can just call them up and ask for guidance.


We all know how precious time is nowadays, and you just can’t afford to skip work to do other less important things. Even Rogers Storage knows this, so they are open 7 days a week so that you can come to check the storage at your convenience. There is no need to leave your important work and visit the storage. You can visit there on weekends, which is also a nice drive for you, and if you are still not sure if they will be open or not, then just call them up and ask them. Because of their great customer service, they will help you at every stage, from visiting to unloading. Everything will be done at your convenience.


Rogers Security very well knows that you are putting your very precious belongings in a storage unit, so safety guarding is not even optional; it is a very compulsory task to be performed, and so does storage in Rogers AR. With the help of SSL secure websites, all your personal information is secured. This way, you don’t have threats to personal information. All your things kept in the storage are fully secured with the help of digital video surveillance. And there are also security guards who protect the premise all day every day. So rest assured that things are very secure with Rogers Storage.

Storage Unit Options

As I mentioned earlier, there are a lot of varieties which you can choose from to keep all your belongings. Below are all the options for all the storage in Rogers, AR.


With a fully powered outlet, it is suitable for storing small things. It is not meant for storing big things like bikes and all, but if you have spare day-to-day items that you don’t want in your house, go for the 10 X 25 storage unit. The door size is 7 feet and 10 inches.

10 x 32.

It is slightly bigger than 10 X 25 and it is also a fully powered outlet. You cannot keep large things here, but it is perfectly suitable for keeping the spare day-to-day items that you don’t require in your home anymore. The size of the door is 12 feet, so you can bring in bigger items.

13 X 25

In this fully powered unit, you can store all your things like a bike or sofa that you don’t need in your home anymore. For example, it is perfectly suitable if you are redecorating your home and don’t need old stuff like furniture and other household items. For the time being, you can come here and directly put all those items in this huge storage unit. The size of the door is 10 feet, so you can bring in bigger items.

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