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Hotel Management Courses After Class 12

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Hotel management is a career-oriented course with numerous job prospects worldwide. This makes it one of the best courses after class 12, as its membership encompasses students of all disciplines and streams.

It is a three-year undergraduate program covering subjects like food and beverage services, housekeeping operations, front office management and tourism and food production.

For hotel management course after Class 12, opt for CII Institute of Hospitality. 

Bachelor of Hotel Administration

The Bachelor of Hotel Management degree equips students with the skills needed to excel in the hospitality industry, including food and beverage management, hotel operations and event planning as well as customer service and leadership – essential skills for future hoteliers looking to excel.

Hospitality is a global industry, and a bachelor’s degree in hotel management can open many career doors. Students enrolled in this program have the chance to work around the globe while building up an impressive professional network. Furthermore, this program equips students for advanced studies such as international tourism or restaurant management.

Some schools provide five-year co-op programs that give students the chance to gain real world experience and build their resume before graduating. Furthermore, this option gives students access to various seminars and conferences throughout their studies allowing them to stay current on industry developments and stay abreast of emerging trends and developments.

Students graduating with a bachelor’s degree in hotel administration may find employment with hotels and resorts, convention centers, restaurants or travel agencies. Some universities also offer master’s programs in hospitality management for this discipline.

At CIA’s next-level hospitality management program, students gain unparalleled hands-on food and beverage experience; plus an internship designed to give you an edge. Plus, learn from top faculty including hoteliers, restaurateurs, sommeliers and travel connoisseurs!

Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Studies program gain a comprehensive education in hospitality business. They learn to operate and manage hotels, restaurants, resorts and spas as well as gain insight into its financial aspects to develop budgets and make informed career decisions.

Student who pursue a bachelor’s degree can expect to take classes across a broad spectrum, including English, social sciences, natural sciences, foreign language learning and math. Depending on their university of choice, they may also complete specialty courses within their chosen field (for instance hotel management students will learn merchandising and revenue generation techniques). Completion time typically ranges between four years.

Students pursuing hotel and tourism management programs must select a major from within their hotel and tourism management programs. Specialties within hotel operations, sales & marketing or hotel development could include; students can even specialize in specific regions around the globe through some programs. Graduates pursuing a BS in Tourism Management could secure internships at large hotel chains and independent boutique hotels alike.

The Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne is one of the oldest and most esteemed hospitality schools worldwide. Established in 1893, its long history gives the school an invaluable insight into how hospitality has developed since. Furthermore, its long history gives students at Lausanne a distinctive perspective on the industry.

The CIA provides two Bachelor of Arts in Hospitality and Restaurant Management degrees: online versions are also available, as are Bachelors of Business Administration with Hospitality as an emphasis. Hospitality industry careers are highly competitive; our hospitality management programs prepare graduates to face such challenges successfully.

Diploma in Hotel Management

Hospitality is one of the world’s largest industries, accounting for one out of every ten jobs worldwide. Due to its highly competitive nature and an increasing need for employees in this field, preparation is key if you plan to enter this profession; one great way is taking an hospitality management course after Class 12 for this industry.

There are various undergraduate hotel management courses, such as diploma and certificate courses, that can assist students in finding employment in hotels, cruise ships and catering companies. Although these programs might differ in curriculum from degree programs, they’ll still equip you with all of the skills you’ll need for success in this industry.

Hospitality managers are in high demand worldwide, offering many lucrative career prospects to those with degrees in this field. Hospitality managers work across hotels, restaurants, cruise ships and event management companies – and can benefit immensely from attending a hospitality management school. A hospitality management degree will equip you with invaluable skills that are invaluable no matter which field or industry it finds themselves employed in.

Diplomas in hotel management provide an ideal entryway into the hospitality industry and can typically be completed in under a year. Programs may be offered both online and at certain physical campuses; requirements typically include having completed secondary school with at least 50% grade point average and an entry requirement such as secondary school diploma/equivalent.

Some programs provide an integrated curriculum, combining theory with practice. George Brown College in Toronto, for instance, offers students an integrated curriculum combining theory and practice by covering marketing concepts, basic accounting, workplace policies and taking part in professional internships during summer vacation to gain practical experience and build their network of contacts.

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