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PRINCE2 Certification Eligibility Requirements

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Projects in Controlled Environments (PRINCE2) are a project manager certification that is gaining popularity worldwide. PRINCE2 equips project managers with basic skills and process-based approaches to ensure the project’s successful delivery. Due to the scalable and versatile nature of PRINCE2, you can customize its principles per the project’s changing needs. Earlier, the use of PRINCE2 was limited to UK-based Government projects. Nowadays, almost all organizations are implementing PRINCE2 regardless of their size or nature of the operation. If you want to obtain a PRINCE2 Training read on.

We’ll walk you through the following topics:

a. Elements of PRINCE2 Certification

b. Who should go for PRINCE2 Certification?

c. Why should you go for PRINCE2 Certification?

d. Are you eligible to sign up for PRINCE2?


Elements of PRINCE2 Certification

Before understanding the eligibility for PRINCE2 Certification, let’s delve into the elements of PRINCE2. The structure of PRINCE2 is based on seven principles, procedures, and themes applicable to the project environment. Obtaining a PRINCE2 Certification will allow you to manage almost all kinds of projects irrespective of their scale and size. PRINCE2 includes the following elements:

a. The PRINCE2 manual

b A Certification Scheme

c. A Membership subscription scheme

Who should go for PRINCE2 Certification?

PRINCE2 Certification aims to hone the skills of professionals responsible for designing, developing, and delivering projects. The PRINCE2 Certification is suitable for individuals who are working as PRINCE2 Project Manager or want to work as one in the future. Additionally, you should know the requirements of PRINCE2 Certification if you’re working in these positions:

a. Product Delivery Manager

b. Project Office or a Project Management Office Personnel

c. Project Assurance Group Member

d. Member of a Project Board-Senior Manager

Why should you go for PRINCE2 Certification?

PRINCE2 Certification offers some of the following benefits to professionals:

a. Career opportunities: PRINCE2 Certification offers ample career opportunities to professionals at the Foundation and Practitioner levels.

b. Increase in Salary: As PRINCE2 is becoming one of the most sought-after courses worldwide, it increases the salary package of certified project managers.

c. Improves reputation: Upon obtaining your PRINCE2 Certification, you’ll come across among your team as an experienced manager.

d. Learn effective methodologies: The PRINCE2 Certification will help you learn about the best project management practices. Next, with the help of practical training, you’ll learn to apply them in real-world project management scenarios. The Certification will elevate your career and improve your goodwill in the organisation.

Are you eligible to sign up for PRINCE2?

You are a click away if you want to obtain the PRINCE2 Certification. Let’s delve into the levels of PRINCE2, eligibility criteria, training, exam, and cost.

Levels of PRINCE2: PRINCE2 Certification requires professionals to clear two levels. When taking up the Foundation level of PRINCE2, professionals will clearly understand project management processes, terminologies, methods, and principles. The next level of the PRINCE2 practitioner stage teaches professionals how these concepts are applied in an organisation.

Eligibility of PRINCE2 Certification: If you want to obtain PRINCE2’s Foundation certification, you won’t have to fulfil any eligibility criteria. However, you should demonstrate a basic understanding of project management processes to perform well. If you want to qualify at the Practitioner level of PRINCE2 Certification, you must be equipped with one of these certificates:

a. PMP Certification

b. PRINCE2 Foundation

c. Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)

d. International Project Management Association (IPMA) at four levels (A, B, C, or D)

Training: You don’t need to undergo strict training as per the PRINCE2 certification eligibility. However, you should attend a training program before appearing for an exam. You should buy study material even if you choose to go for self-study. Study material will help you understand the exam format and basic concepts of PRINCE2. A full-fledged training program will give you access to relevant resources such as exam vouchers, professional development units, and project scenarios. The PRINCE2 manual is helpful even if you appear for open-book tests.

Exam pattern: The PRINCE Foundation examination doesn’t follow an open-book approach. However, you will be able to refer to the manual in case of the Practitioner examination. The duration of the Foundation exam is one hour. Besides, you’ll have to answer 60 questions and score a minimum of 55% to pass the exam. The Practitioner exam includes 68 questions, and its duration is 150 minutes. To pass the practitioner exam, you should score a minimum of 55%.


You should enquire about the cost of PRINCE2 Certification today. This cost can vary as per the training organisation you’ve opted for or the country where you’re taking this course. As per the mandates of PRINCE2 Certification eligibility, you should renew your certificate or sit for a re-exam after three years.

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