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Tips for traveling to the US for the first time

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If you want to visit the United States and you have never made a trip to the country, know that you need to plan ahead! To help you, we have listed the main steps and guidelines for you to travel to the USA for the first time!

In addition to questions related to documentation, with step by step to get everything, we will present you the rules in force at the border and indications of values ​​​​in some of the main American destinations!

How to travel to the US for the first time:

First of all, you will need a valid passport as your main document. If you don’t already have one, fill out the Federal Police (PF) form, pay the document fee, after these steps, schedule a date to take the requested documents to the PF.

With your passport in hand, you can apply for your visa to travel to the USA. Regardless of the reason for your trip, all foreigners who are not US citizens need the document.

How to get a visa for the United States

First step:

Before starting the document request, check here which type of visa you are interested in according to the purpose of your trip – if it is for a tourist, the visa is the B2.

After that, begin the visa application process by completing the Online Non immigrant Visa Application (DS-160).

Print the form completion confirmation and don’t forget to write down details such as the request ID and the security question you created. They will be used later.

Second Step:

Create an account at the Visa Applicant Service Center (Immigration) and select the type of visa you are interested in. Pay the application fee and only then will you be authorized to schedule appointments at a US embassy or consulate. The choice of location, date and time are made on the Immigration website.

In Singapore, it is possible to apply for a visa at the US Embassy in Singapore.

Don’t forget to print the Immigration appointment confirmation page.


Third step:

With your passport, the DS-160 application confirmation document with the barcode and the appointment confirmation in the Immigration, go to the appointment location for fingerprint and photo collection.

Afterwards, you can proceed to the interview, the last step to obtain the visa. Usually, scheduling to complete the Immigration application and scheduling the interview are done separately and you will need to attend the embassy or consulate more than once.

Fourth step:

Going through the interview, just wait to find out if my visa will be released.

Although this process is the most feared by many travelers, it is no secret. During the interview, keep calm and be honest. The important thing is to confirm that all the information on your forms matches what you will say when answering the questions.

Passage through immigration:

This is another step where you just have to strictly answer the questions that are asked honestly and have all the necessary documentation at hand. With this, you will enter the country with peace of mind to enjoy your trip! For ATV Rental Click Here

Some common questions asked at immigration are:

  • The reason for the trip;
  • How long will you stay in the country;
  • What is your final destination;
  • If you have a return ticket.
  • In addition to a passport with a valid visa, please have:

Proof of travel resources;
Hosting proofs;
Current documentation for tourist entry during the pandemic (see details below).
Entry of Singapore into the United States today (Update March 2022)

In general, the entry of Singapore into the United States is subject to presentation of the vaccination certificate and a negative antigen test or RT-PCR for covid-19. The exams must have been carried out no later than 72 hours before departure. This rule is valid for all travelers over the age of 18.

The US recognizes all vaccines officially administered in Singapore, including those for emergency use defined by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as CoronaVac. Thus, any Singapore who proves complete immunization by the vaccine certificate is able to enter American soil, given the rules of containment of covid-19.

Remembering that, to return to Singapore, it is necessary to carry out a covid-19 test, have proof of vaccination and fill in the Anvisa Traveler’s Health Declaration.

If you are in the United States, you can take the contamination test for the virus without having to pay. Check here where to take a free covid-19 test in the USA!

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