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Tools Every Social Media Influencer Should Use

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When it comes to social media, there’s truly no time like the present to take advantage of the lucrative opportunities. One of the most available opportunities is that of a social media influencer. If you have a certain niche you’re passionate about, become a content creator who’s able to use influence to make money. In order to be successful in this lane, prepare and plan. An excellent way to prepare yourself is by gathering the necessary tools. Consider some of the essential tools every social media influencer needs in their toolbox.

1. Scheduled Publishing Software

In order to be a social media influencer, know that there’s a significant amount of content you’ll need to produce. From brand deals to social media campaigns, it can be a lot to keep up with. In order to stay on top of all of the moving parts of your content, use scheduling tools and software in order to automate the publishing process. When you have an upcoming brand deal in the form of a sponsored post, you don’t have to sit in front of the phone at 1 pm in order to press the publish button. By using scheduled publishing software, you can upload the content weeks or days in advance, and it’ll publish the content for you.

2. Photo/Video Editor Software

Social media content is focused on visuals. Most social media influencers useĀ Intro Maker to produce a mixture of photos and videos for their content. As you continue to secure different brand deals and become a recognizable force in the niche, focus on improving your visuals. At some point, a videographer and photographer will play intricate roles in your business. However, you should still know how to prepare visuals for your own brand.

By investing in a monthly subscription service, you can gain access to photo-editing software, video editing software and more. Learn how to take videos and photos from your phone or a DSLR camera. Then, learn how to edit and prepare those photos through the respective types of software. When you’re running a business that’s based on excellent visuals, develop a system that allows you to learn how to execute without extra help.

3. Campaign Management Software

As an influencer, you’ll constantly need to pitch and promote your services to new brands. As you secure different brand deals and campaigns, you’ll want to keep track of all of the moving parts. Look for software that allows you to clearly see where you are on each project. Whether you need to submit a deliverable, pitch a new brand or circle back for another meeting, look for software that highlights and clearly helps you keep track of what you need to do. It’ll serve as a personal assistant in a way.

4. Analytics Software

While many social media platforms provide analytics, look for influencer software that gives room for the deep dive. You need to know your data in order to improve your process. The best time to post on Instagram isn’t a universal fact. In fact, the best time to post on Instagram will vary from one person to another.

When you’re clear regarding when you gain the most traction, this takes away the guessing game. If your YouTube channel gets the most views at 12 pm on middays because people like to watch you on their lunch break, you need analytics software that helps you learn this. Social listening is important to do as well. Social listening helps you keep a pulse on what’s happening around your brand at all times.

5. Bookkeeping Software

Starting a career as a social media influencer isn’t just about posting and taking pretty pictures. You’re actually an entrepreneur. You’re a business owner when you’re a social media influencer. You’ll need to report all of your earnings to the IRS. By keeping track of your expenses and staying on top of your business finances, it’ll be much easier to grow and build a thriving social media enterprise. Invest in bookkeeping software that’s easy to use, understand and build upon.

At least one billion people have TikTok accounts. Instagram boasts one billion users as well. There’s still Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more. There’s so much room to succeed as a social media influencer. Become diligent with your strategies, consistent with your efforts and relentless in utilizing these tools in order to experience the career you desire as a social media influencer.

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