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Top 3 Services Where You Can Create Email Account Without Verification

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If you want to create an email account without a phone number that is discrete from your main email account. Maybe you need this email account for online buys, or for email newsletters. Whatever the purpose, there are several email services that allow you to have an account without much effort. We will let you know of some of the best and safe email services where you can use free email without a phone number

Why is Phone Number Verification Required?

Generally, phone number verification is required for many reasons, few of them are mentioned under.

  • Ensuring that you are not a robot
  • Having simple access to reach you if there is some dubious activity occurring with your account
  • Providing you with a basic way of logging into your account in case you forgot your password

Most Applications and email services require your phone number for your protection. Gmail, for instance, utilizes your cell phone number to confirm it’s you and not another person at whatever point it identifies a login attempt from an unidentified gadget.  

If you haven’t utilized your email account for some time and failed to remember your password, the email service won’t be able to send you to recover the password. For this situation, it is helpful to have a phone number as a backup. However, not every person wants to share a phone number, well, you can stay away from this step in more than one way, have a look at some of the email services that perfectly fit for those who want free email no phone number

Email Services That Don’t Require Phone Verification


Situated in Switzerland, ProtonMail is my suggested choice for an extra email account. Because this email doesn’t require a phone number to create an account or for verification. ProtonMail is a privacy-focused email service so your emails are encrypt which means your messages are safe. Signing your ProtonMail account is a three-step process, which takes under a moment.

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  • Select your username and domain
  • Create a password
  • You can add a recovery email address


A free email service owned by 1&1 Mail and Media Inc., Mail.com offers a more component-filled free email account. Their server center is situate in Kansas in the United States.

Signing a free account requires you to enter your best name, last name, country, state security question, password, and method for confirmation. In under two or three minutes, you’ll have free email no phone required


This email service is the most ideal choice on the list. You can make a free account with Tutanota and get 1GB of extra space for free. The most astounding highlight of this email service is the end-to-end encryption which guarantees total security. The significant feature of Tutanota is the “no- advertisements ” policy. An open-source service is back by plus premium accounts. The range of premium accounts begins from 1 Euro each month. It is an extraordinary email service to register with any phone verification that allows you to make email without phone number

These are the top 3 best email services that follow the email no phone number policy. If you want more email services like this, it is suggested to visit Emailspedia, where you will get plenty of information regarding this topic. 

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